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Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome, Namaste, Nihao, Hey, Ahoy, …


Welcome to the gupflu site, a website that is meant to serve as both, a place for my personal online representation and a playground for my webdesign- and webprogramming-experiments!

So here you will find some informations about me, my interests and opinions, my projects and activities and other things, but all this in changing quantities and qualities, depending on the current state of the site.

What you see right now is a WordPress installation based on a selfmade Theme/Template. I am sorry that it is only in english so far, but i haven’t setup any Multi-Language-Plugin yet.

The guy you see above the left menu-column is called Hanuman. He is a hinduistic charakter to whom i was introduced during my journey thrugh India in 2015. I like the storys about him and the charakter they reveal in my mind. For me he is a very loyal, caring and supportive charakter, motivated by the love he feels for his friends. A love that is generous and without demands! If you want to know more about him, here is the link to the Wikipedia-Article about Hanuman!

I hope you will still enjoy your stay and since it is likely that you know me anyway, since you are here, feel free to give me your comments in any form you like – just don’t hit me to hard 😉


Many greetings and kind regards